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This is the official WikiGuide to help new contributors get started with the BSC Wiki.

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website that can be built and edited by an entire community. The most famous wiki is Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

What is the BSC Wiki?

The BSC Wiki is an attempt to gather, catalog and organize information related to the Baby-sitters Club book series and media franchise. This includes information about the fictional people, places and things described in the books themselves, as well as information about the various Baby-sitters Club spin-offs (such as the film, TV series, games, clubs, dolls, etc.) and about the still-thriving community of BSC fans. In short, if it has anything to do with the BSC (short of infringing on copyright), it probably belongs somewhere on the Wiki.

How can I help with the BSC Wiki?

The first step is to register an account on the wiki. Just go here and click create an account. It should only take a few moments to sign up. (Registration is not currently required to edit the Wiki, but is highly encouraged.)

How to add and edit pages

The Wiki may seem daunting, but most things really aren’t too complicated. The BSC Wiki runs using MediaWiki software, which is the same software that Wikipedia uses. Therefore, ‘’most’’ things (but not all) that work on Wikipedia will work on the BSC Wiki in the same way.

To locate an article, just type the article’s name into the search box on the left and hit "Go" or your Enter key. If the article exists under that name, you’ll be taken straight to it. If the article does not exist, you’ll be shown the search results for that phrase; the topic you’re looking for may be covered there under a slightly different title. You can also choose to create the article at that title yourself.

(Another way to create an article is to click on a red link in any existing article. A red link means that no article exists yet at the linked title, and you can choose to create one.)

To edit an existing article, just go to that article and click the "edit" tab above the article text.

How to format text

When you click the option to add a new article, or to edit an existing one, you’ll be taken to a screen with a large text window, where you can insert your text or make changes to the text that’s already there.

In general, you can just write what you want the article to say, and it should appear fine when you save and view the article. But there are many ways to format your text to make it more readable, attractive and/or interesting. Below is a cheatsheet explaining how to perform the most common kinds of text formatting:

(This table is borrowed from Wikipedia. The table is also viewable by entering Cheatsheet in the search bar to the left and clicking "Go.")

Description You type You get
Applies anywhere
Italicise text



Bold text



Bold and italic

'''''bold & italic'''''

bold & italic

Internal link

(within Wikipedia)

[[Name of page]]
[[Name of page|displayed text]]

Name of page
displayed text

Redirect to another page

#REDIRECT [[Target page]]

30pxTarget page

External link

(to other websites)

[ displayed text]

displayed text

Sign your posts
on talk pages


Your username 19:01,
20 January 2018 (UTC)

Applies only at the beginning of the line

A Table of Contents will automatically be generated when four headings are added to an article.

== Level 1 ==
=== Level 2 ===
==== Level 3 ====
===== Level 4 =====
====== Level 5 ======

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4
Level 5
Bulleted list

* One
* Two
** Two point one
* Three

  • One
  • Two
    • Two point one
  • Three
Numbered list

# One
# Two
## Two point one
# Three

  1. One
  2. Two
    1. Two point one
  3. Three
Thumbnail image

[[Image:Wiki.png|thumb|Caption text]]

Caption text

Besides looking up the right code to do what you want, the best way to learn may be to look at existing articles to see how they're formatted. You can always click the "edit" tab above the article to look at how it's formatted. You can also make changes and hit the "Show preview" button below the text window to see how your changes would look, but please don't save your changes if they aren't genuine improvements to the article.

Another good resource for learning how to edit a wiki is Wikipedia's editing tutorial, most of which will work the same way on BSC Wiki as it does on Wikipedia.

What should be in a BSC Wiki article?

Articles about characters, places, or books should begin by incorporating infoboxes. An infobox is a small table that sits in the upper right corner of an article and includes basic information about the article's subject. More information about the infoboxes, and directions for including them, are available here.

At the top of the article (below the infobox if there is one), the first sentence of the article should begin with the article's title in bold, and offer a brief definition of the topic. For example:

Emily Bernstein is an eighth-grade student at Stoneybrook Middle School.

The article should go on to describe the topic in more detail, for as many paragraphs as warranted by the information available. It's not necessary to include every single thing that the article subject ever did or was or said or that others said about it, especially for subjects that have appeared frequently in the books. For example, the fact that Andrew Brewer skinned his knee at a Krushers practice in book #79 probably wouldn't need to be mentioned in the article about Andrew, because it doesn't relate to anything else about Andrew in a way that would build our understanding of his character. On the other hand, if Andrew hits a game-winning home run in book #93 and Kristy comments on how much his skills have improved since he first started playing, his increased softball skill probably should be mentioned in the article.

Below the main text of the article, the article should be added to the appropriate categories. For more information about categories and categorization, click here.

After a new article is made, consider whether any redirects should be created. A redirect is a page with no content other than:

#REDIRECT [[pagename]]

Where pagename is the article or page to redirect to. It serves to help users find the articles they're looking for, and to allow for quicker links to some articles. For example, all book articles should be saved under the book's proper title, but a redirect should be made for the book's number, so that a link to 6 will take users to Kristy's Big Day, a link to M14 will take users to Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall, etc.

Another common use for redirects is for characters who are commonly referred to by another name. For example, Mallory Pike's mother is much more commonly called Mrs. Pike than Dee Pike, her actual name. A redirect can be created at Mrs. Pike that will redirect users to the article located at Dee Pike.

Articles about BSC books

Articles about BSC books should follow the format described here: Book article format.

What can I do to help the BSC Wiki grow?

The two main things the Wiki needs are for more articles to be added, and for existing articles to be improved.

To find articles that need to be added, you can:

  • Check out Special:Wantedpages for a list of the nonexisting articles that have the most incoming links. (This link is also available by clicking "Special pages" on the Wiki's lefthand toolbar.) Note that many of the red links at Wantedpages are for book numbers; the books with those numbers should be created at the proper title of the book, and the numbers should be made into redirects, as described above.
  • Browse categories for entries that you know should be included in those categories, but are missing because the article hasn't been created yet.
  • Browse existing articles to find red links to nonexistent articles.
  • Just think of a topic you'd like to write about and enter it in the search bar to see if it's been covered yet.

To improve existing articles, just browse the Wiki until you find an article to which you're able to add information. (It should not take very long; at the time of writing this, there are very, very few articles on major characters that are anywhere near complete.)

I still have questions or comments, or I just need more help!

No problem! Just visit the Help Desk or the Contact page for a variety of ways to get in touch and share your thoughts with the BSC Wiki administrators.

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