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[edit] Documentation

This template provides a simple way to add book citations to BSCWiki articles.

We encourage you to use citations when you add facts to the wiki that are included in only one book, or only a few books. The citation will tell other BSCWiki users what book that information is found in.

For example:

Jacqui Grant has dark red hair streaked with green.87

The citation indicates that this information is in book #87; the user can click on the floating "87" to go to the article about that book. (Since most books don't have articles yet, many of these links won't work for now. But you can add the citation now and it will work later, when the book has an article.)

You do not need to cite information that appears throughout the series (for example, that most of the BSC attends Stoneybrook Middle School).

How to use the template

Simply copy the code below:


And replace NUMBER with the number of the book. For example, to cite a fact or event found in book #10, Logan Likes Mary Anne, you would write:


This would appear as: 10

(To make the | symbol on most American keyboards, hit shift + the backslash key.)

Then place the code after the sentence that has the information you're citing:

Pete Black once took Dori Wallingford to the movies on a date.10

Numbers for books outside the original BSC series

The numbering system for books uses the same system as the Complete Guide. This system is outlined below:

Book numbering system
Book or series Number or abbreviation Example citation How it appears
Mystery M#
Super Special SS#
Super Mystery SM#
Baby-sitters Little Sister LS#
Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter LB
Logan's Story LS
Shannon's Story ShS
Claudia's Book CB
Dawn's Book DB
Mary Anne's Book MAB
Kristy's Book KB
Stacey's Book SB
The Baby-sitters Club Chain Letter CL
The Baby-sitters Club Secret Santa SecS
Friends Forever FF#
Everything Changes EC
Graduation Day GD

As always, any questions or comments can be posted at the Help Desk.

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